Phantom Trigger

Steam, Switch
4 hours 6.5 / 10
Replay Value

A combo-focused hack-n-slash with beautiful neon colors.

$15 BUY

Overview Phantom Trigger takes the player on a surreal journey through a world filled with dangerous monsters. The game is a mixture of slasher and RPG, as you navigate around the world, hacking away at enemies. The story revolves around Stan, who is getting strangely sick in the real world, and simultaneously, the primary, slasher character who goes around killing monsters. As you progress through each of the four worlds, you gain more powers, become stronger, and learn about what is happening to Stan in the real world. The story is interspersed as you work through the game, adding some mystery and intrigue as you're killing hideous enemies. Between the dungeons, enemies, and your weapons, Phantom Trigger is full of pretty neon colors, giving it a stunning visual. The sound effects blend in perfectly with the art, making it all feel like one cohesive unit.

Gameplay The gameplay is focused on using each of your three weapons to kill enemies while trying not to die. You have a sword to do quick, medium damage, fists for slow, high damage, and a whip to drag enemies in. Each of these weapons can be leveled up in order to perform more combos, which are performed by using a combination of your powers. These combos can be viewed at any time in the menu, and each of them have a different effect to help give combat a bit of spice. You also have the ability to dash around, essentially teleporting a small distance. This is essential for dodging enemies, since if you stay in place attacking for too long, you'll take a good beating. You'll need to use all of these powers to take out the enemies in each of the four worlds, and the more combos you unlock, the stronger you'll become. The combat can get repetitive since the enemies feel similar as you progress, but new ones are introduced at good times to keep you on your toes, at least a little. In each world, you need to complete some objectives to reach the boss, with each boss being entirely different from what you've become used to. This provides a nice challenge, although it isn't always obvious what you need to do to defeat the boss. Given enough attempts, you'll understand how the boss works, and it's a fun change, but it will take some perseverance.

Cool Features Phantom Trigger includes an "Arena" mode, where you can go up against an onslaught of enemies, trying to survive for as long as you can.

The game supports two players, where each player can control a separate character (with the same powers).

Is it for you? Phantom Trigger has an interesting story, great sounds and visuals, and okay gameplay. Whether or not you'll like the game is highly contingent on how much you enjoy the hack-n-slash nature of the game. It's definitely fun for the first hour or so, but then it can become repetitive, especially if you're not using the combos. The combos help spice up the combat and give you opportunities to strategize, but they aren't necessary to defeat any of the enemies. They're fun to play around with and string them together, and make for an overall better experience. As you progress, you'll become more intrigued by the story, and there are four different story endings for you to find. Combined with the neon colors, Phantom Trigger is quite pretty with a good story, and if you like the dungeon-crawling, slasher gameplay, then definitely check it out.