Mantis Burn Racing

PS4, Steam, Switch, Xbox One
11+ hours 7 / 10
Replay Value

A polished, content-packed, top-down racing game.

$15 BUY

Overview Mantis Burn Racing is a top-down racing game that anyone can pick up and play. You control one of three car types and race against other cars in a variety of game modes. There are different tracks taking place in different types of terrain, like snow or city, each filled with tight turns built for constant drifting. The controls are simple -- accelerate, brake, steer -- and fit the idea of "easy to learn and difficult to master." The music isn't anything amazing, but provides some nice, relaxing background sound as you speed along the track. Each course is intelligently designed, with enough jumps and turns to keep you on your toes and preventing you from just mindlessly accelerating. In both career mode and multiplayer (local and online), there are different difficulty levels to select from, with each one ramping up in speed and making your car more difficult to control. There are also multiple unique race modes in addition to the regular race mode, such as a knockout mode, where the last car after each lap is eliminated.

Gameplay The gameplay is as simple as it gets, making the game easy to pick up within seconds. Getting the gist of the controls will only take a few minutes, but learning to master them can take quite a bit longer. Turns are especially tricky, needing a mix of speed, drifting, and timing to be executed perfectly. These turns can cause you to lose out on a lot of speed if performed incorrectly, and you'll drop in position because of it. This speed loss can be made up with boosting, which is recharged as you race along the track. With each drift, jump, or obstacle-breakage, a pop-up will appear on the screen, giving you some number of experience points. These points work towards leveling up your profile, providing you with upgrades. Up to three upgrades can be applied in the garage, where you can also customize your car's color and boost color, and these improve your engine, speed, suspension, and other parts. These upgrades come in handy in the vast career mode, which has you progress from rookie to elite, racing in a number of game modes, trying to get first while also working towards achievements. These are simple tasks like "drift 400 meters" or "win the race", and each achievement you get awards you with gears. You need a specific number of gears to advance to the next difficulty, so it can take a bit of grinding and improvement to complete the career mode.

Cool Features A battle mode is included with Mantis Burn Racing, which is a fun combination of racing and battling. Your car is equipped with mines and a gun so you can take out other cars to be the last one standing.

The multitude of game modes will keep you busy for a while, and there's something for almost everyone to enjoy. Some modes can take up to 10 minutes, while others can last as little as 10 seconds.

The game has cross-platform multiplayer, so you can race against anyone else and compare your fastest racing times to everyone else with the game.

Between career mode, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer, there are a lot of ways to play.

Is it for you? If you're looking for a simple, top-down racer, then Mantis Burn Racing is a great game to pick up. It checks off all the boxes for a racing game, and every aspect of the game is highly polished. There are only three different car types, but they can be customized with various upgrades and their stats change depending on which difficulty you play on. It's an easy game to pick up and play for a quick race or for a couple hours. The career mode is vast and provides a nice challenge, forcing you to strategize your car and upgrade choices for both the difficulty level and the type of race. With local split-screen and online multiplayer, you can play whenever you want and anyone can learn the controls in just a few minutes. There's more than enough content to keep you coming back for more and it pulls you in as you to try to master the controls.