5 hours 7 / 10
Replay Value

Windscape mixes adventuring, battling, and crafting into a charming game. (Early Access)

$17 BUY

Overview Windscape has you play as a young girl, who sets out on an adventure to find the reason why islands are falling from the sky. Your job is to explore the world, talking to its citizens, accepting quests, and battling enemies. As you progress, you'll come across "dungeons", which are quite Zelda-esque -- solve puzzles, take out enemies, and fight a final boss. These dungeons (three currently) serve as the main objectives of the game, and completing these objectives will move forward the story. In order to complete these dungeons, and especially to defeat the bosses, you'll need to collect materials throughout your adventure. Materials, like onions or iron, are scattered around the world for you to collect, and if you collect enough materials, you can craft armor, weapons, and healing items to help you on your adventure.

Gameplay The gameplay is simple, yet charming, and varies enough to keep you interested. You run around different areas of the map, moving from objective to objective. The map is large, and as you traverse it, you'll constantly come across materials to collect and enemies to fight. Combat is basic hack and slash, swinging your weapon to take out enemies and collect any materials they drop. If you use a melee weapon, you'll typically be circling enemies to prevent them from hitting you while you chip away at their health. If you use ranged magic, which you'll come across after the first dungeon, you'll have to make sure to distance yourself from enemy attacks. There are a nice variety of enemies, both melee and ranged, and they show up at just the right places to keep combat from getting stale. As you adventure and eventually reach the dungeons, you'll enter these large, cavernous areas to navigate, solving simple and fun puzzles and performing some minor platforming. These dungeons are the highlight of the game, being well-crafted and changing up the usual gameplay. At the end of each of the dungeons, you'll fight the boss -- a big, high-health enemy with unique attack patterns. These are the most difficult part of the game, so be sure to craft strong armor and weapons beforehand.

Is it for you? Windscape has many fun ideas and works to keep you interested and busy. There are enough main objectives and side quests to keep you playing for about five hours, and with the game being in Early Access, it is being updated fairly regularly. The art-style may not be for everyone, but it makes for a pretty, large world with a good amount of diversity. The landscape is constantly changing and new ideas are always popping up, so repetition isn't much of a problem. The crafting system is easy to use and understand and incentivizes you to hunt down materials, collecting as much as you can. The rewards you get from crafting are powerful and useful enough to make it worth your time. Dungeons are carefully made, being entirely different from what you get to used to in the main world. If you're a fan of lightweight, 3D Zelda games, then you'll enjoy working your way through these dungeons. If all of this sounds appealing, then check out Windscape.