For The King

15+ hours 9 / 10
Replay Value

For The King offers a fantastic tabletop RPG experience with fun roguelike elements. (Early Access)

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Overview For The King is a turn-based RPG with a tabletop feel. You control three characters, from classes of your choosing, who set out on an adventure to find out why their king was killed. The game also adds in the some roguelike elements -- permadeath, procedurally generated maps, and random enemies -- making each playthrough unique. You explore a hex-based map, moving your units across tiles to find various enemies, loot, and towns. Each of these elements plays a role in developing your characters by making them stronger with equipment, items, or leveling up.

As you progress through each in-game day and night cycle, more enemies and events will pop up throughout the map, giving you more objectives to hunt down. You are always given a main objective to complete -- which each advance the main plotline -- but you'll constantly be wandering around, interest piqued by the impressive number of random events spawning on the map. Some of these events will lead you to new places, like a hellish fire-land or a serene archipelago. Each area is filled with enemies, all cartoony and beautifully modeled, that you'll want to kill for experience and goodies to bolster your characters. There are more than enough events popping up every turn to keep you occupied and interested in growing your characters and developing a strategy to work through the game.

Gameplay The gameplay is a mixture of turn-based, tabletop movement and JRPG enemy battles. You manage your three characters, moving them across tiles until you come across some type of event. If you come across an enemy, you'll have the option to attack, ambush, sneak, or retreat. If you choose to attack, your unit will be launched into battle with any of your nearby units, where you'll have to carefully pick the attacks that you want to use. These attacks depend on the character class you're using as well as the weapon that your character is holding. If you're a blacksmith, you can wield swords, tearing down your enemies with massive physical damage. If you're a minstrel, you can play a lute to do magic damage or inflict a status condition (such as stun) on your enemies. Upon successfully winning a battle, you're rewarded with gold and, potentially, equipment and items.

Gaining weapons and equipment is essential to advance through the game, as they increase your characters' numerous stats, like movement or intelligence, which play a pivotal role in determining almost all of the games "rolls". To successfully attack an enemy or complete a randomly encountered event, you need to make a roll based on a specific stat. The chance for a roll to succeed is solely based on the stat being tested, and the higher it is, the better chance of success you have. These rolls entirely determine the outcome of a battle, so you'll need to plan accordingly and put on the best equipment depending on your characters' weapons and classes.

Cool Features Features local and online co-op, where you can play with up to two friends. Each person can control one character and you'll need to work together if you want to succeed.

As you play, you'll collect lore points for completing objectives. These lore points can be used outside the main game to unlock more character classes, random events, and equipment.

Along with enemies popping up throughout the map, dungeons will pop up as well. These are one-time, tough events where you'll go through a series of challenges (fight enemies, roll to disarm traps, and more) to reach a treasure at the end. These treasures are usually worth the attempt, but you can't leave a dungeon unless you reach the end, so be always be prepared before entering.

Towns are scattered throughout the land and give you the opportunity to heal your units, accept side quests, and buy and sell items from the market.

Is it for you? For The King tries to offer a tabletop RPG experience and does a fantastic job at it. The art-style, music, and sound effects all fit perfectly with the game's theme and help to enhance the overall experience. The stat-based rolls and numerous enemy types feel like they come straight out of a tabletop game and are implemented in a clean, understandable user interface. There is a lot to take in throughout the game between the large world and countless items, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed at the beginning. The game has informative text to help guide you through it all, making you feel a bit more at ease. It will take about an hour or so to understand most of the mechanics and get a firm grasp of everything that is happening on the screen, but if you like the idea of a tabletop RPG, then it's definitely worth the time. Between all of the towns, dungeons, side quests, and other events, there's always something for you to work towards and something new to look forward to experiencing. Even in Early Access, For The King gives you a long-lasting experience that can keep you occupied and entertained for quite a while.